Gladde Mannen in Surinam
In the spring of 2001 we visited Surinam. Before the journey it had already been decided that it was to be a „working holiday“. What kind of work this was to be was as yet unclear, that would be sorted out on the spot. And sorted out it was. The objects were already there and were rearranged where thought necessary and given an added value, gold that is, most of the time. At CKC emporium at Domineestraat in Paramaribo we found wonderful golden paint spray cans and bought up the entire stock. The spray cans accompanied us everywhere, first to West-Surinam on a boat trip on the Nickerie river, in Paramaribo itself and on trips to Groningen, Braamspunt, on the Commewijne river and to the Raleigh falls.
The legend
Once the realm of king El Dorado (the golden one) was situated in the interior of Surinam, but no one knows exactly where. Every morning he proceeded to lake Parima whose banks, as rumour had it, were covered in gold dust. He enveloped his body in this gold which he did not rinse off until nightfall.
That is how he got his name, El Dorado.
The facts
The Spanish, the Portugese, the English, the Dutch, the Brazilians.
Everyone has been looking for El Dorado’s realm.
We have found it. The gold is everywhere.

2001, gladde mannen